Lib Dem Success in Breckland & South West Norfolk

14 May 2023
Breckland's new council map - a yellow seat for the first time in a long time!

This month's elections in Breckland and South West Norfolk have seen big moves forward for us in building a strong new liberal force in our local politics.

In Breckland, our big breakthrough was getting Mitch Thurbon newly elected for the ward of Hermitage, improving on our performance in a recent by-election and sending a Lib Dem to the council chamber for the first time in a full twenty years. Voters will now know that despite the Tories' disenfranchising ID policies and attempts to pretend there's no point voting for other parties, we can beat them in some of the most rural parts of Breckland: no Conservative councillor will be feeling safe for the future. Thanks to standing some more brilliant candidates we also made wider progress across the council area, coming third in terms of vote share for the first time since 1999.

Meanwhile, on West Norfolk borough which includes the western parts of our local party, Josie Ratcliffe, our 2019 parliamentary candidate in South West Norfolk, held her seat of East Downham with a massive 66% of the vote. Sadly Alan Holmes, who joined us in 2022 after being previously elected as an independent, did not retain his seat of Denver: huge thanks to him for his contributions to the party as a councillor over the last year, and we'll doubtless be keeping working with him in future.

Could you be part of this sort of progress? We're getting liberals elected to fight for your communities with just a handful of candidates and activists: imagine what we could do and the changes we could make with a full slate of Liberal Democrat candidates next time fighting for thriving, green communities across Breckland and South West Norfolk. Just click "volunteer" at the top of the page to get in touch or email us at We look forward to working with you to build the spaces, freedoms and communities our area deserves!